Linen Versus Cotton- The Great Debate


Once you learn the differences, there isn’t really much to debate…especially when it comes to towels.

Let’s dive right in shall we?

While both are plant based (cotton from the cotton plant, and linen from flax), and comfortable, there are many differences between the two.

Though each fabric is suitable for different purposes, when it comes to towels let’s look at three main aspects- strength, absorbency, and longevity.

Which one is stronger? You guessed it, linen. It is actually considered to be %30 stronger than cotton and its fibres are very durable.

Absorbency? Linen again. Unlike cotton, linen can absorb much more water before beginning to feel damp. Furthermore, linen won’t hold on to moisture, and will dry far more quickly than cotton which tends to hold on a little too long (stage 5 clinger on our hands).

Lastly, longevity- the best thing about linen (in our opinion) is that it gets softer aka better over time.

linenme_balsamtowels_2 linenme_minttowels_4

These linen towels come in a variety of colours and they’re waffle which gives them an extra luxurious feel.

If you’re into something with more muted tones, these palette towels are the perfect addition to any bathroom or kitchen.

If you haven’t tried linen, you should.

PS. These make a great gift for a traveler because linen towels are light, pack-well, and don’t hold on to sand or dirt. Win, win, win.

Bringing the Outside In


Winter is tough to get through for all of us. One way to beat the winter blues is to create an oasis inside your home. Plants have a way of livening up a space, and can breathe new life into a room, and into you.  Finding the right pieces to house your plants is an important element of integrating them into each space. Here are some fresh pieces that help bring the outside in during the colder months:

Echasse Vase

Echasse Vase
Polished Brass Flower Pot

Polished Brass Flower Pot

Ring Wall Mount

Ring Wall Mount

Spun Copper Bowl

Spun Bowl Copper

Plant Box

Plant Space Box

Hanging Ceramic Planter with Ceiling Attachment 

Hanging Ceramic Planter with Ceiling Attachment

Spun Copper Planter

Spun Copper Planter




The Cheese Lover


If it’s not you, then you know at least one person who is a die hard cheese lover. This is the PERFECT gift for someone who loves cheese and is always picking up a new kind to try from the grocery store. The Cheese Dome has a slate base, and a glass hand-blown cover which ensures that no two domes are alike! Also, it makes a great centre piece, even when it’s empty…but let’s be real, that’s unlikely. 


Move Over Paint, There’s a New Doll in Town


How do you take a room from ordinary to extraordinary? As designers we get asked this question A LOT. Especially when considering a kids room or a smaller space, often homeowners want to change things up, but don’t want to commit to a whole redesign. The answer here is wallpaper. It is truly a game changer in that it really has the potential to rejuvenate an entire space and create whatever vibe you want. Whether it is an accent wall, or a whole room, wallpaper creates a fresh, clean, and innovative look.

Below are two examples of how wallpaper can transform a space:




About the product – Aside from the numerous unique designs available, we carry a line of wallpapers that are custom printed. The great thing about custom printing is that you only pay for the amount you need and there is almost no waste (Check, check!). In addition, the usual lead time for wallpaper is 6-8 weeks, this one (wait for it!) comes in 6-8 business days.

Though wallpaper is a straightforward way to really add something special to the space, it is important to keep in mind that finding the right person for the install is really important. Do it once; do it right. Make sure your installer comes recommended.

If you’re new to the world of wallpaper or prints in general- a great place to start is in a powder room, laundry room, or mudroom, and you will see how it truly wakes up the space in a way that paint just never could. In a smaller space it’s good to take risks and be bold. You don’t spend that much time in your powder room, so you won’t run the risk of getting sick of a print. Be bold, we dare you.

Messages Image(273612115)




Messages Image(3030652320)

Ethical and Social Responsibility

For me, today is about standing for something and supporting a cause (I know – sounds serious – but stick with me). I realized that even though this is something top of mind for me and our entire company, I am not sure that we have communicated it to our customers and followers as much as we want to.  So I am going to take the time to explain our take and our contribution.

As a company the concept of social responsibility is very important to us. For us, the concept is multi faceted.  We strongly believe in giving back to our community and international communities in need.  We will donate a percentage of profits and volunteer our time to building houses for those in need.  We also work tirelessly to bring ethically produced/sourced and sustainably manufactured goods made of high quality raw materials to our clients.

And I want to dig into my last point a little further.  When you buy something that you plan to put your food on/eat off of, do you think about where the raw materials came from?  We do.  We make sure they are made of high quality materials and that there is no off-gassing or chemical processing.  When you buy an accent pillow do you know what the insert is made of and where it was produced?  We do.  And we make sure it is of good quality, made here in Canada so you can rest easy and not worry about unknown materials.  Do you prefer to buy sustainably produced products?  We do.  And we can tell you the process and stories behind each and every product and manufacturer.  So much so that many things are made by hand and therefore have tiny differences that make them unique to you. I could go on like this all day, but the real point is that we research, ask questions, grill our manufacturers, inspect, test and re-test to make sure that everything you receive is of the highest quality, ethically sourced, sustainably fabricated, socially responsible and healthy for you to keep in your home.

Even our families and friends get involved in the process! We sleep on sheets, test the size and comfort of towels, use creams and soaps, burn candles and make our husbands test everything as well.  We tarnish things and then clean them, leave things outside and let them weather.  We use everything for our own kids and let them get things dirty.  We wash and re-wash everything to see how it stands up to the test of time.

The truth is, there are many products we have wanted to sell but won’t based on some sourcing or raw material choices of manufacturers. Those decisions aren’t always easy.  Sometimes these products are less expensive or easier to come by, but you pay for what you get. We truly believe in this part of the business down to our core and will not falter.

The last piece of the sustainability factor is that we support the movement away from buying disposable.  The more we keep out of landfills the more we win. One of the biggest polluters today is disposable products: clothes, household items & furniture.  We encourage you to invest in pieces that will live with you and your family for generations. We have selected things that will stand the test of time, both literally and figuratively.

Thanks for listening,





Sometimes things can get a little hectic around here, especially around the holidays. We believe that adding a little ritual can help keep things calm, even when they seem out of hand. We all have things in our life that we need daily, whether it’s coffee, listening to the news, meditation, or even a shower. Sometime’s it’s nice to add a little ceremony to help savour the process. For us- coffee is an essential part of getting the work day started, and we have gotten into the habit of using our french press to help make it more of an experience. Honestly, it also just tastes better.

Maybe you don’t have time on the weekdays, but get into the habit on the weekend, and you may just end up making time.


For Him

Let’s face it, no matter the reason or the season, it is not always easy to buy gifts for men, especially men who have a tendency to shop for themselves.

The following is a list of perfect gadgets, and gizmos to complement any guys collection of whosits and whatsits. Get him something he didn’t even know he wanted, using this list as a guide:



Polished Brass Bottle Opener

Monti Taste - 4 Piece Set

Monti Taste – 4 Piece Set



Nut Cracker

Club Ice Whiskey Glasses

Club Ice Whiskey Glasses

Sweeper and Funnel

Sweeper and Funnel


Malt Whiskey Bottle and Tray


Ice Dying


Remember when you were a kid and you would come home with a brand new tye dye shirt and thought it was the best thing? We do, and when we found these we fell nostalgically in love with this elevated tye dye look.

What’s awesome about these napkins is that no two are the same, and because of the ice-dying the patterns and gradation in colour are unique.
Nothing dresses up a table like a bright, beautiful napkin.

Features: 100% linen, made in Canada, available in 4 colour sets, great conversation piece!







There is a common notion that art is made for walls, but we believe you can incorporate art into spaces in other ways too. Take a look at some of these beautifully crafted pillows which take the work of Jo Bound and turn them into functional art. 

You can find them here.

boeme_lacus_1 livingroom_lifestyle_11 boeme_panoramabolster_1

Product Spotlight: Fireplace Accesories


These stylish modern fireplace accessories are manufactured using materials that are as natural as possible while having a minimum impact on the environment. Yet, integral to the design is how the environment will slowly impact the goods: these tools are meant to be used around the fire and, as time passes, their stories will show. Embrace the change as the tools show signs of usage. Over time, the products will take on a natural sheen and begin to mold to the hands that hold them.

Keep your logs in this elegantly designed wood basket made of powder-coated metal with leather and brass details.

Materials: Powder-coated steel with Leather and Brass details
Dimensions: Ø: 419mm / 16.5″, Bucket Height: 279mm / 11”, Total Height: 470mm / X 18.5″


The ultimate contemporary fireplace companion set (shown above) holds all of your accessories. It includes the classic tools such as tongs as well as a brush and shovel. Additionally, it includes a blow poker which can be used both as a blower to more easily start a fire, as well as to poke and arrange the wood for an optimal wood burning experience. The exclusive set comes with natural leather details wrapped around the tong handles and the top of the stand.

Materials: Powder-coated steel with Leather and Brass details

Dimensions: W23cm x D18cm x H74cm / W9” x D7” x H29.1”