5 Modern Home Design Trends to Inspire Your Project

Over the years, there have been a number of statement-making modern home design trends that we have incorporated into our clients’ rooms. Whether it’s something as small as a cabinet pull or as bold as patterned wallpaper, these trends are impactful enough to ‘wow’ guests while still working in an everyday environment.

Take a look through these modern home designs from some of our recent projects to find the inspiration you need for your space.


1. Top-to-Bottom Wallpaper

For many, the idea of wallpapering a room immediately sparks visions of outdated décor. But nowadays, there are more beautiful – and customizable – options that ever. In a bathroom such as this, it makes a dramatic statement in a smaller space while maintaining a neutral colour palette. See the entire project here. 


2. Waterfall Countertops

Sleek and sophisticated, waterfall countertops add a seamless, contemporary finish to any kitchen. It's especially impactful in the kitchen design showcased here, with its open concept layout and industrial touches. See the entire design here


3. Gold and Brass Hardware

Adding gold or brass hardware to a bathroom or kitchen is on-trend but still produces a classic look. It adds a subtle, polished touch that is easily replaceable if your tastes change over time. In one of our recent kitchen designs, we incorporated brass drawer and cabinet pulls as well as a brass faucet to add a luxe feeling to the room. See how it all came together here


4. See Your Home in a New Light

Specialty light fixtures add function and beauty to any space, and can often look like works of art themselves. The cloud-like fixture we selected for this modern home design adds a fun element to a bright and airy space, and is balanced by the more minimal hanging lights on either side of the bed. See the entire design here.


5. Go Bold

This dining room design embraces colour, pattern, and statement pieces throughout the space. The combination of watercolour-inspired wallpaper and rich blue paint acts as the perfect backdrop for the stunning gold light fixture, while the mid-century modern-esque chairs mimic the curved architecture to create cohesive feel. See the entire design here.


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